The Hall Family

Dorena and Dean enjoy their house and yard, visits with their kids and trips to the beach. Fortunately the kids are close by and the beach isn't too far either. Dorena is a nurse in an OB/GYN doctor's office. Dean is the engineering manager for a local Internet Service Provider.

Dan is a man of many talents, working for a local electronics manufacturing company. In addition, he is a mortgage loan officer, providing new home loans and refinancing of existing homes. He is also very involved in motor sports and the automotive industry in general. As a race driver, racing safety team member, and automotive product specialist he is a seasoned traveler and has cris crossed the United States and Canada.

David and his wife Melinda are proud parents of Evan, Kaden, and Nolan. Of course, proud grandparents Dean and Dorena are watching the boys grow, doing what they can to spoil these delightful little boys.
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